Entry for August 09, 2007

Took the green bus home yesterday.

There was a lady with a child sitting on the first seat by the door. She had that Indochinese kind of look like the ones you see in movies, and her eyes were fixed on some spot very far away out of the window. She held the child very tightly against herself, but he struggled to turn around and look at the passengers behind them every now and then.

When the bus started moving, the conductor approached her to sell her a ticket. As he held his palm out in front of her, the lady shook her head at the conductor. The conductor wore a gold earing in his left ear and didn’t look like someone you’d want to mess around with especially during rush hour.

He looked hard at the lady, and everyone held their breath. Then, suddenly, he turned around and approached the next passenger to sell a ticket to him.

Everyone in the bus is a storybook. The conductor understood that.


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