Entry for March 15, 2009

Printed out the papers for Colba today. Met U and passed it to him. Met Zeeland while meeting U. He’s done the MBO and they are doing well, but he’s branching into utlities. Thought that it would be great to have honest friends like him to hang around and work together with. Tired of schemers. Maybe we catchup again.

Messaged Zou. Maybe we should go into eRec under 500. Requoted software app at 150, down from 200. She’s appreciative and thinks its reasonable. Another honest set of people.

Called Zane. He has a very complex plan for the G. He’s same as before. Maybe it won’t work, but he’ll send over some material and I’ll go through them.

Finished Murach’s VB.Net in a couple of hours. Those guys have a knack for writing – simplifying things so that beginners can pick them up. I would recommend them to any beginner.

Can’t start on any other work. Have a terrific migraine due to sinusitis.


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