Calendar Privacy Confusion In VTiger CRM Version 6

So you have (like I did) installed VTiger CRM Version 6 and are eager to increase your organization’s productivity using it. So you do one last check before releasing it to everyone to use.

But wait, you suddenly found out that your calendar is set to Public. By default it is shared with everyone.

You Google for a solution. In most articles, books, wikis, documentations, blogs and forum posts it says that personal calendars are set to Private by default.

Wait again, “Why is mine not so?” You ponder.

Googling again, you find one isolated forum post that says the Public/Private setting had been reversed inadvertently. A long, technical list of source code to rectify it is included.

So you open PHPMyAdmin and checked the tables. Found the right column in the Users table. Yes, the Calendar sharing setting for every user is set to Public. So you manually change every one of the 99 users you’ve created so that everyone’s Calendar is Private.

You checked the results. Presto! That worked.

But what about new users? You’re definitely not going to edit the table every time for a new user!

Okay, for now, here’s how – find the file (installed directory)/modules/Users/Users.php  then locate the following lines

if(empty($this->column_fields[‘calendarsharedtype’])) {
$this->column_fields[‘calendarsharedtype’] = ‘private’;


That was Public before it was changed to Private.

Good luck!


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