A Hassle Free Way To Creating Your First Yii Web Application

Creating your first Yii Framework web app a bewilderment? Here’s a simple, mostly point and click (as approach to lots of command line) approach.

  1. using Eclipse with PHP Development Too (PDT) plugin and Yii (Yiiclipse) plugin
  2. create a Yii application project Eclipse->New->Project->Yiiclipse, download your choice of Yii Framework version from the dialog box
  3. create a Yii application in the above project folder
    1. Create a text batch file in the Yii framework folder downloaded in step 2 above, with the following line only – php yiic webapp “H:\Users\Firedancer\OneDrive\Work\R&D\yii\projects\yiiProject” (replace with your own directory path, make sure PHP is in your path, etc)
    2. Open a command prompt window in the framework and run the batch file, answer the command prompt questions as you go along

That’s it.

clip2 clip


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