How To Google Verify Your Site

You can use the Google Webmaster Tool to submit your website to Google Search, and benefit from its many management and monitoring features. However, the Google Webmaster Tool requires you to verify that you own your website.

How to do that:

  1. In Google Webmaster Tool
    1. In Google Webmaster Tool click on Add A Property (red button, top righthand corner) – add the url to your website here
    2. When you are asked to verify your website with Google Webmaster Tool, choose to verify with an alternate method – you will be given a few alternatives, choose to use the Metatag method
    3. Copy the Metatag code snippet presented
  2. In your Site Settings
    1. Navigate to WP Admin (menu item at lower left corner)
    2. Click on Tools (on the menu at the left sidebar)
    3. Paste the code into the Google Webmaster Tool box.

Refer to the following screenshots



Google Webmaster Tool


1 WP Admin





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